United Global Pay Australia - Trusted Online Currency Remittance Services. Remit / Send Australian Dollars, US Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Euros, Japanese Yen at the best currency exchange rates in Australia around the worlds! Enjoy special rates now when you remit / send money from Australia to Indonesia. No Commission. Just one Flat Fee and the best currency exchange rates.

Company Overview

United Global Pay was founded in 2016 and firstly established in Melbourne, Australia.

The company operates specifically as an On-line Remittance Dealer servicing International businesses, tourists, and budget travellers. As the business operates in financial services industry, United Global Pay is committed to deliver excellent customer services as well as professionalism throughout its services. We transfer funds from account to account at very competitive exchange rates.

Over the years, our services reflect our strong company reputation for being competitive, trustworthy, discipline, and professional toward our customers. United Global Pay is your trusted remittance provider and on-line money transfer specialist.